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Have you ever thought about having a nice and romantic trip in one of the
most beautiful countries in the world, France? Consider now the ultimate offers,
available to be bought by you, released by AnnuaireTourisme Evasion.


This famous travel agency is worldwide recognized as being the most proficient and professional holiday planner agency, serving successfully for over 10 years in more than 10 countries on the entire globe.

Their dedication and commitment can be pursued through the many positive reviews, received since their beginning, on their official online platform, www.annuaire-tourisme-evasion.com.



Starting a business in the tourism sector is not an easy job to be accomplished. Many time and perseverance is needed to be offered, in order to acquire the desired results. Above this, financial considerations are also not a thing to be discarded.

To have a good start, any tourism agency is required to invest a considerable amount of money in order to create their contracts and establish their relationships with their destination’s vendors.

Created in 2002, AnnuaireTourisme Evasion has started as a small regional trips planner agency in Paris, France.

Due to their professional staff members and their cutting-edge offers, their reputation reached rapidly the international market ranks and clients started to contact it for its services from all around the globe.

A huge advantage for the company’s fast development was their location and geographical position. Paris is known worldwide for its cultural and social attractions and for their state-of-the-art architectures, thing that can be seen in the amount of visitors that come to Paris each year.

Having such a great traffic within the area, the only aspect to be developed and improved was the quality of the provided services. And this has happened! Providing professional training sessions to its staff members and teaching them how to offer to their clients the best travel experience ever, devoted customers didn’t stop appearing. Nowadays, this fantastic company has more than 70,000 visitors each month and this number is still growing.



In order to offer their travel packages to all client categories, special promotion and discounts have been organized and planed, offered to the most loyal and faithful partners, but also some of them, offered to everyone coming to their office in an established time window.

The Paris Tourism Club is the official club of AnnuaireTourisme Evasion, in which this travel agency’s members gather together and discuss about the latest news and destinations to be proposed for traveling. Inside the membership club, there are 3 different hierarchy levels to possess.
Basic Member is the base status of every new joined member. This status allows you to stay updated with the latest news and offers releases on the market, and allows you to download and install the official mobile phone application, based on some provided credentials. To obtain this status, you only need to subscribe to their online newsletter and complete the required form from www.annuaire-tourisme-evasion.com.

To gain the Power User Membership, you need to be a very active user on the site and blog and you need to come with highly important new improvement that may be done to the marketing system or strategy, in order to have a better promotion of the company. This things can be redundant somehow, but don’t worry, as you are more likely to be promoted to the power user status within 2 weeks of activity on the blog.

Along with the Power User status, you are allowed to create yourself custom offers to various destinations throughout the world and a secret bonus discount is made for you at each odd offer selection.

VIP Status is the most respected and desired membership level by all community people. Having this level inside the society allows you to create custom made offers to any destination on the entire globe and the travel agency will offer you free plane tickets to it at Business Class, along with free sauna and spa sessions and a 20% discount for the final price of the requested offer.

In order to get the ultimate status, you need to be invited by the board of directors to join this exclusive group and you also need to contribute with $120/month at the development and improving department of the agency. For these money, you will receive a formal percent of the company’s actions and you are considered a truly valuable partner within it.

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Gifting Singapore Corporate Gifts to Your Travel Agency Clients

These days, Singapore Corporate Gifts is mainly responsible for improving the public image for all organizations and is one of the main factors when considering the standard of an organization as well as providing customer satisfaction.

The most important aim when starting a business is to promote goodwill and grow clientele for your organization, which of course can be achieved by providing excellent products and services, however, there is another important factor that will ensure your goodwill and clientele grows, this factor is the use of corporate gifts in your business. This can be observed when an organization begins operations and launches their goods and services, though you may have quality products, customers will be reluctant to cooperate with you at first, which is to be expected. But a better option would be to provide gifts and bonuses on a trial period for your products and services, as this strategy will enable customers to patronize your business much easier and will provide a chance for you to strengthen your connection with them, so they will return for more.

When communicating with your customers, you need to consider the fact that these customers are only humans at the end of the day, humans who have genuine emotions and a moral compass guiding their actions, so a clever entrepreneur can take advantage of the situation by first committing himself to fulfilling their customer’s ethical values and giving them satisfaction and security to build trust.

For a better illustration, imagine a travel agency that provides free luggage to all passengers with an accompanied statement like “we care for your every travel needs and one small gift to assist you for better traveling experience” you will see that the customers would be greatly satisfied and motivated to patronize your services once again, thereby ensuring more success for the travel agency.

Marketing and Advertising are key factors when it comes to ensuring the success for all organizations and the distribution of Singapore Corporate gifts has proven to be an excellent tool for marketing by building the customer’s trust in your business.

Different Laminate Flooring Typesfor Your Travel Agency Office

Laminate Flooring installation is an excellent approach if you want to increase the value of your apartment, as you can easily combine the simple upkeep of vinyl or linoleum flooring with the magnificence and beauty of hardwood or tile floors. Laminate flooring is incredibly tough as it is built from a high-density fiber (HDF) wood board which is then finished with a nice pattern of stone or wood. It has amazing benefits by being impervious to burning, scuffing and scratching to ensure that the beauty of the laminate floors will endure forever.As interior design trends continue to change with time, laminate flooring will always remain an excellent choice for interior designers due to its variety and easy installation.


The quality of Laminate flooring

If you’re making plans to redesign your apartment with the use of laminate flooring, then there are few things you may need to consider before making your decision about the kind of laminate floors, so you can get the best quality. It is widely known that the hardness of the HDF core is directly proportional to the quality of the laminate flooring and this simply refers to the method by which the core is attached to the pattern and protective layers. There are two essential kinds of laminate flooring to discuss:

  • High Pressure: This kind of lamination produces a more long lasting result through the binding of the laminate flooring over a series of steps. The top layers are combined to each other initially, then they get glued to the core of the HDF, followed by the processing of the melamine resins and glued flooring to high-intensity press which concludes the process and prepares the product for the laminate flooring installation.

  • Direct Pressure: The direct pressure lamination process comprises of a one stage process to transform the flooring layers into a single cohesive unit by way of binding. The direct pressure laminate flooring which has undergone binding is then dealt with, to build the quality of the core by treating it with melamine resins. The final stage involves the cutting of notches and grooves evenly to finalize the process of laminate flooring

Lift Make: Spending Quality Time on Holiday

This age defying cream guarantees the level of beauty that all women wish for, it consists of a completely unique method that will reverse any untimely aging effects quickly and efficiently. Lift Make completely reinvigorates your body as it passes through all pores and refreshes the layers of your skin and also covers any wrinkles or fine lines, this is a reliable cream, unlike so many others that claim to perform the same effects but only last for a few weeks.

Benefits you can achieve by using Lift Make:

  1. It has antioxidants that limit the untimely aging effects in all three layers of the skin
  2. Lift Make works effectively as it confronts the base of the issue head-on
  3. All natural products that have no negative side effects or allergies
  4. Clears the dark spots under your eyelids and greatly enhances your eyesight
  5. Completely eradicates all forms of skin disorders such as wrinkles, crow’s feet, fine line etc.
  6. Get back your self-esteem and enjoy your beauty
  7. Made using an extraordinary formula, get this awesome product that rejuvenates your skin
  8. Zero side effects, so you can use this product without fear or worry
  9. Zero health risks, so you can continue to enjoy its marvelous effects

Who is Lift Make designed for?          

  • Ladies who are sensitive to the effects aging has on their appearances
  • Men who want to get rid of their wrinkles and stretch marks are also encouraged to try this product

Side Effects of Using Lift Make

Lift Make offers absolutely zero side effects and health risks to its users as it contains all natural components, instead it provides remarkable results to all those who use it. So use Lift Make today and share these wonderful results as well.

Image Revive: Look Young and Beautiful On Vacation

Image Revive, this is a wonder serum that defies the effects of aging and is especially intended to halt further signs of old age on your skin and also helps in the removal of any unpleasant aging marks like dark circles, crow’s feet, as well as wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

Apart from its effects of reducing aging marks, Image Revive ensures your skin remains moisturized and hydrated at all times by preventing the loss of water, only a few days on this formula, will make your skin look brilliant and young with no negative effects by virtue of its completely natural and safe components.

What are its components?

Vitamin C: This essential vitamin C helps to greatly improve the texture and fullness of your skin and also brightens your skin by reducing any effects of dark spots, discoloration or tanning. In addition, Vitamin C further enhances the production of collagen in the body resulting in a more firm, flexible and healthy looking skin.

Antioxidant: This agent is widely known to kill the balance the negative impacts of free-radicals, which are atoms that harm skin cells and cause skin irritation. Antioxidants also contribute to the development of new skin cells as well as aid in the recovery and rejuvenation of injured skin cells.

Face-firming peptide: As you grow old, you may notice that your skin loses a degree of fat and gets thinner, thus causing the formation of sag and wrinkles, these effects are mainly due to the reduced levels of elastin and collagen which are hugely responsible for a full, energetic and smooth look. For this reason, the face firming peptide is added to Image Revive to facilitate the production of collagen and elastin, so your skin can regain its flexibility and fullness once again and additionally increases the moisture level of your skin to maintain its softness.

Some things to consider while using Image Revive:

  • Keep it away from the reach of children
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place
  • It cannot be used to treat skin infections
  • To achieve ideal results, only apply according to the instructions
  • Immediately rinse your face if you are allergic or feel itchy

Fat Burner Drinks for Women: Easy Fat Loss Tipsfor When You’re On Vacation

Losing weight is not an easy process, you have to endure to make it achievable. Day by day, your weight loss process requires a lot of hard work, discipline, and responsibility to achieve your goal. Despite all these combined processes, weight loss is quite difficult for the female folks in comparison with their male counterparts. In stores and markets, you will find numerous and multiple fat burner drinks for women and it is still not enough in the weight loss process.

Let us look at detailed information about the important features or compositions of the materials that will help women in losing weight.

  1. Water is generally known as a natural component which helps in the reduction of fat for women

Water has other important uses like acting as a natural appetizer and hydrating your body cells. These hydrated cells, in turn, comes into action and increase the rate of metabolism. Since it has been confirmed by researchers that water is a very important product in reducing fat in women, you will get many water based drinks in the markets and these drinks contain minerals and vitamins which enhance the rate of metabolism.

  1. Meal supplements or meal replacements are also a differently known method for reduction of fat in women

A unique thing about meal supplement is that they can possess all types of nutrients. Therefore, they can be said to have these nutrients in various capacity thereby ensuring a maximum body absorption. Also, there is no need cooking these foods since they appear generally as liquid foods.

  1. Burning of Fat can also act as fat reduction mechanism in women

It is quite difficult understanding how fat burners work. They don’t work like a magic removing fats at will. They only help in boosting your energy and power to enable you to work using your full capacity. Therefore, fat burner drinks for women are very useful for females who wish to burn their fats by using the gym. It will propel you work harder and faster which will result in burning of more fats.

The Perfect Undercounter Ice Maker for Your Vacation Home

An essential part of a bar is the undercounter ice machine. These Undercounter ice makers are designed in such a way that will make it fit perfectly to the countertops bottom and placing it to avoid obstacles to meet the increasing demand of ice production. The undercounter ice maker is a very important machine which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the bartenders and servers in the discharge of their duties and is most effective for a growing bars or restaurants.

These super ice machines can be used to produce large volumes of ice (up to hundred pounds) maintaining or keeping it cold, and gives you the exact quantity of product you need. They can either come in two forms which are either the air or water cooled condensers. This will enable you to choose based on the needs and capacity of your restaurant and you can identify them by the various types of ice they form. This includes the full-size cubes, the half size type, regular size type, octagons, nuggets, and flakes.

Having this undercounter ice maker at home will enable you to host your friends and family without the need of buying packaged ice from the markets. Having this equipment in the office will also bring a sort of relief to workers who might need ice for their beverages and other related products. Perfectly designed to fit under the counter or built to fit in the kitchen cabinet, this equipment will give you an ultimate satisfaction.

These equipment comes in different ranges of diameter and length, different rate of production capacity and has the capacity to produce the numerous forms of ice cubes. There are various units of this equipment which are the small-scale undercounter and the large-scale undercounter. The small-scale undercounter ice maker can produce per day between 12-45lbs. of ice while the large-scale units can produce per day over 80lbs. of ice. Most specially designed ice makersare employed in the production of cubed ice but other types are employed in the production of nugget ice, gourmet ice, and clear ice. The diameter of some units is very thin like about 15 inches which is perfect for the replacement of an old trash compactor, while the other types are classified as a standard cabinetry widths. Some undercounter ice makers also come into existence as a result of ADA complaint.

Travel by Road: Find a Part for Your Car Online

Anytime your car is faulty and needs repairs, a lot of car owners take their cars to the local mechanics for repairs. If you have the required information about cars, you can save a lot by doing the repairs and replacement on your own without external help. All you need to do is to visit any available online auto store. You will find a lot of items listed there like the auto parts, others for the older faulty cars. What are the steps to follow to find a part you want online?

Start Searching

The first step in finding the right car parts on online auto parts stock is by performing a search. Since you are searching for a particular thing, it makes your work easier. For example, let us say you are searching for Mercedes wheels, since you are particular about the item, makes it less difficult when compared to browsing. You can get the car parts available in a particular area, this is simply done by visiting the home page and using the search box positioned at the left area of the site. The search box is set in a way that when you type in phrases, it will give you the detailed information of what you need.

For example, searching for items like Mercedes wheels will give you a list of information about the item and you have a lot of variable results to choose from, click on each title of the information and choose the one which fits your need, budget, and specification. After selection, you can then contact the seller with the contact information provided.

Look For other Detailed Information apart from Auto parts

You have the opportunity of getting multiple supplies of car parts. If the vehicle you intend repairing is an older version and manufactured year, this might be possible. Some people sell or give out the whole car when it develops a fault. These set of people don’t like car problem, they prefer buying a new one to repairing them. Even when a car is at fault and stops working, it still has a lot of important parts which can be useful. Due to this, when you decide to find a part, don’t limit yourself to auto parts only, search for the whole cars.

Deal With Bed Bugs in Hotels: Tips from a Bed Bug Exterminator

You must have had a difficult time dealing with bed bugs but there are confirmed ways of destroying or exterminating them. The best-known method is the usage of a bed bug exterminator in the affected places. All they do is to reduce the stress, troubles, and discomfort and there is a high probability of them coming back until they totally exterminate the bed bugs.

Although there are sometimes when they don’t have the comfort and required the ability to tackle these problems. These are the steps you take when such happens:

You should take the bold step of removing all the bed materials or clothes and every of your clothes in the affected areas. According to bed bug exterminators, it has been established that these bugs can survive without food for a period of one year (yes, really!), so it is better you take this decisive step.

These critters have the ability to survive a temperature up to the range of about 113 degrees Fahrenheit. That implies that washing and drying of your cloths and bed materials and other affected clothing should be done in using a very hot water.

These bugs do not operate in the presence of light. As recommended by the bed bug exterminator, it is advisable you conduct your searching operation in dark and quiet areas since it is widely known that these bugs generally sleep during the daytime and becomes active during in darkness. They can be found in hidden spots like under the mattress, inside boxes or in between of light patches.

Vacuum is the next operation you perform. Clean everywhere and everything thoroughly! Endeavour to use a vacuum which has a waste bag. Vacuum every known area, the mattress seams, cracks, every reddish spot, furniture, curtains, sofa and the joint between the wall and floor.

Dispose this disposable bag in the most appropriate way by tying the bag tightly and dumping it into wastes or use a standard incinerator to burn it.

Buying YouTube Views: Benefits to Your Tourism Agency YouTube Channel

You can only gain true and loyal fans through the consistent production of good and quality content. People tend to rate you with your number of views. So, if a video has multiple and numerous views, (at least ten thousand), there is more probability of you getting to watch them, and subscribing to their channel to enjoy more of their content. This is weird and unreal but it is definitely true as relating to buying YouTube views.

Are there Limitations to Buying of YouTube Views?

You might have been thinking if there are no limitations attached to buying YouTube views and the truth is that: You must disable AdSense on the video while using the fake views so as to help you from getting into problems. You have to do it regularly and it is definitely a bad idea when you apply about tens of millions of views on just one video. You should be wise enough to apply about 5 thousand of views on at least 10 videos and allow it grow on its own without any external help and your money will start accumulating.

How to get YouTube Views

It is quite easy buying YouTube views. What you need to do is to create good and quality video content which have a fine thumbnail and a good keyword.

After which you get words of about 5 thousand characters with 100 likes and 20 comments (if you have multiple YouTube accounts, you can do all the comments and likes on your own).

You will have to pay a little cash for this, but doing this consistently will set you on the right path. Performing these task with another good video on a standard media platform, it will boost your number of viewers and subscribers, thereby leading to a positive improvement in your SEO and YouTube search ranking.

Also, likes, comments and followers can be bought on various social media. This will help you to falsely develop your brand, this is not suitable for people who wants to grow their already established business, but if you want instant popularity and attention, and you urgently need more viewers, then, this is the perfect way of doing it.

Factors to Consider When Buying a Chicken Plucker for Sale for Your Hotel Kitchen

If you are running a poultry business, you must pluck the feathers of your birds in the most appropriate way because it plays a major role in the number of customers you attract. A lot of customers are always attracted to birds plucked in the best way and done expertly and neatly. Therefore, endeavor to choose the best type of chicken plucker for sale to perform the operations for you. Below are the factors you have to consider in the selection of chicken pluckers;


You have to decide if you want pluckers that are useful only for de-feathering of chickens or the ones that are useful for plucking of other similar birds like geese, ducks, quails etc.?.  This is an essential factor you have to determine before purchasing a chicken plucker for sale. If you want the one useful for plucking feathers of various types, the fingers have to be extra-long, tough and sharp and be of the same length to one another.


The size of the chicken plucker for sale you decide to purchase is dependent on the speed you want the plucking operation to be done. If you are considering buying your chicken one by one, then a small sized pluckers is the ideal one for you. It contains about ten to 12 fingers. But, if you want pluckers that are fast in operation with high accuracy which can pluck up to four chickens in a couple of moments, then go for the bigger plucker. At present, you will get pluckers with numerous numbers of fingers (over 100) to be able to house the birds.


This is an important factor being that there are different ranges of prices. The price can fall between the ranges of about $50 to thousands of dollars. Therefore, have an insight about the price of the plucker and prepare your budget to achieve this aim. Don’t be too over-excited due to the multiple features accompanying super pluckers and over budget. Always select the pluckers that you can afford.

Chamber Vacuum Sealers: Best Types for Your Hotel

You should consider reading a best chamber vacuum sealer reviews 2017 guide if you want to really preserve your food and you are already tired of the fact that foods kept in the fridge get spoilt easily and quickly. These efficient sealers act like an air-shield preventing any air from entering, it is even more efficient than the Sandwich bags or Tupperware. Day by day, more companies and people are building or designing these sealers for commercial or home purposes. The increase in the usage of these vacuum sealers implies that you as a potential user must have a guide that will direct you on which of the sealers to choose from. Below are three top chamber vacuum sealers, and a short information about each of them.

  1. VacMaster VP112S Chamber Vacuum Sealer

You can buy this equipment at a moderate price and is classified as a premier chamber vacuum sealer due to its high quality or degree. The VP1125 sealer is closely bonded together but has the capacity to handle large bags and bags containing liquids. This is as a result of the super technology used in designing the inner part of the sealer. One unique feature of this sealer is that it allows for marinate mode in which the various sauces can compact themselves together and turn out to be a perfect composition of meat and fish.

  1. PolyScience 300 Series Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The PolyScience 300 Series chamber Vacuum Sealer can be said to be similar in terms of operation and quality as the VacMaster VP215. It is of the same price range, not large, and the piston pump does not contain oil. You can perform some alterations on the machine by choosing the level of the vacuum, the holding time and seal time. It also has specially designed cycles of operation.

  1. VacMaster VP210 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

The chamber sealer uses a dry piston like the one in PolyScience 300 instead of an engine filled with oil. This is one major factor that distinguished them from the VP215. You don’t need to perform routine maintenance, though it has a shorter lifespan to that of the oiled engine. It doesn’t have a stable price due to sales and demand but is relatively cheaper than the PolyScience.

Buy the Best Vacuum Sealer for Your Vacation Accommodation

It is quite challenging in choosing the food storage vacuum sealer for sous vide, though, there are numerous types to select from, and sometimes there are different models of each type. This article will give you an insight into the main characteristics to look for when selecting and also determine the specifications which fit into your need.

Different modes of the Vacuum Sealer

There are two modes of vacuum sealers which are the automatic and manual mode. Generally, most vacuum sealers perform their operations automatically. Most of the operations performed by this vacuum sealer are in the testing of the air pressure which will automatically shut off when the optimum pressure is reached, after which the sealing process or bag cutting automatically start. For inactive users, this is a perfect operation and makes vacuum sealing of foods easier to do.

Variable Pressure

For greater control, though, most models perform an operation by using a single vacuum pressure, some others allow the operator to use varying and multiple pressures for maximum control and efficiency.Although this is dependent on how you intend using the vacuum sealer which might make it more or less essential for the operation. There are some sensitive or soft materials which might require you to apply low pressure to prevent damages (after all, there are some models which can completely crush aluminum cans). You might consider using a model with variable pressures if the condition of the material being sealed is of ultimate priority to you.

Availability of Bags

People usually overlooked this important factors when considering the selection of the best vacuum sealer, and this comes in various sizes. The Vacuum seal bags might be a little bit expensive (some might be as high as 50 cents a dollar per bag) and most people might prefer using a cheaper and smaller bag instead of a larger and costly one. Always ensure the availability of the bags you need. You can use bags from other manufacturers but it is highly recommended or advisable that you use the bags produce by the same manufacturer of your sealer.


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