When it comes to professionalism and enthusiasm, there are not many travel agencies that you would like to choose. In order to fulfill your high standards and to assure that you will receive only high quality services, I would definitely like to recommend you the AnnuaireTourisme Evasion Travel Agency.

It is a good practice to search over the Internet for the best travel agencies, before making your choice, and for sure you will find nothing but great things about this company. Having more than 100,000 highly satisfied clients from all around the world and from all social levels, this is the best option to be made.

Exclusive Destinations

You have to select from travel offers in the best cities is France. Paris, Toulouse and Marseille are in the top of preferences, due to their highly beautiful attractions and the cultural richens of the site. In order to view the available packages and what they consist of, visit the Famous Destinations page within the official platform of the agency, www.annuaire-tourisme-evasion.com.

Due to the higher requests that came to the company’s office, a considerable expansion has been under the progress in the last 4 years, surrounding travel offers to cities like Berlin, Tokyo, Los Angeles or Cape Town.

In order to consolidate their relationships with the local vendors, business trips had to be performed by all directors of the travel agency and events had to be performed within the famous cities. Basically, the agency’s scouter’s job is to search in cities from all around the globe, for contracts that may be created

between their agency and the most luxurious hotels and accommodation locations, to

create offers for its clients.

The wide diversity of the available packages to be bought is due to the hard work performed by scouters and due to their professionalism and implications in the negotiation process of signing a stable contract. This win-win situation is highly looked forward by all international hotel chains and no strings should stand between the collaboration of them with worldwide travel agencies.

Payment Process

When selecting the desired offer to buy, you have to use a payment system in order to receive the confirmation with your name typed on it. AnnuaireTourisme Evasion Travel Agency offers to its clients the possibility of making the payment for a travel package either via online, or by credit card or cash, at the front desk office at one of their regional locations.

The online platform designated to process the bank account payments is featured with the 3D Secure encryption system, which guarantees the internal load of each user’s credentials and that they are not revealed to unauthorized persons and institutions.

Also, an additional email address and phone number code verification has been introduced in order to maximize the security of each money transaction apart. When making a payment a code received on your personal email address and a code received on your personal phone number are required to be inserted, in order to avoid any problems and scams that may occur.