France is always the best solution when it comes about spending some quality days in couple or in family. For sure, choosing the best place to stay in is the most difficult part about the holiday, due to the fact that we evermore search for luxury. The finding of the right place involves so many factors such as its positions, its benefits, and its deals and of course, your budget. We think that by showing you up the best options for you, we will make your job easier. The AnnuaireTourisme Evasion Company comes in helping you with the top 5 hotels in France.

This is by far the best place to stay in Paris, due to its special style. The hotel is placed between Champs Elysee and Eiffel Tower, so the balcony views are really impressive. The situation offers it a big plus if you are trying to be in the middle of the town. It was opened in 1911, but was reconditioned in 2000 by its actual owner the Sultan of Brunei. Definitely, the owner wanted to put his mark on the hotel and he did it by creating a stunning bar which is meant to resemble an iceberg. You should know that this is considered to be one of the hottest scenes of the city.

It is placed near the boulevard of Champs Elysee, in the most fashionable area of Paris. It has 245 impressive rooms redesigned by using sumptuous tapestries and crystal chandeliers. The hotel redefines the elegance as it finest, but you still have not heard everything about it. Beside the indoor pools and the spa, there is a chef in the hotel who makes incomparable tasty food. Even more, the dinner can be brought upstairs to your room.

If you search for some place with amazing views above the deep blue water of Mediterranean Sea, this hotel is the best option. Its modern bathrooms and stone balconies will make it unforgettable and the panoramic views will make you come back. You should ask for a Jacuzzi on the terrace and also you should not miss a walk on the Anjuna beach which is only at 10 minutes-drive away.

The location is impressive due its view above the Chateaux from the Loire Valley and the most amazing fact about this hotel beside its elegance is that it can arrange you a private tour over the chateaux’s region in a hot balloon or even in a helicopter.

This comes with some other things than the ones in towns such as: amazing location outside the village of Monticello, famous rural views and friendly atmosphere. The hotel offers unique experiences being surrounded by huge Mediterranean gardens and having a large outdoor pool and a fabulous Jacuzzi built in a rock which is overlooking the entire valley.

As a conclusion, either if you are looking for some place in town or on the coast of Mediterranean, France will always offer you elegance and luxury.