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Laminate Flooring installation is an excellent approach if you want to increase the value of your apartment, as you can easily combine the simple upkeep of vinyl or linoleum flooring with the magnificence and beauty of hardwood or tile floors. Laminate flooring is incredibly tough as it is built from a high-density fiber (HDF) wood board which is then finished with a nice pattern of stone or wood. It has amazing benefits by being impervious to burning, scuffing and scratching to ensure that the beauty of the laminate floors will endure forever.As interior design trends continue to change with time, laminate flooring will always remain an excellent choice for interior designers due to its variety and easy installation.


The quality of Laminate flooring

If you’re making plans to redesign your apartment with the use of laminate flooring, then there are few things you may need to consider before making your decision about the kind of laminate floors, so you can get the best quality. It is widely known that the hardness of the HDF core is directly proportional to the quality of the laminate flooring and this simply refers to the method by which the core is attached to the pattern and protective layers. There are two essential kinds of laminate flooring to discuss:

  • High Pressure: This kind of lamination produces a more long lasting result through the binding of the laminate flooring over a series of steps. The top layers are combined to each other initially, then they get glued to the core of the HDF, followed by the processing of the melamine resins and glued flooring to high-intensity press which concludes the process and prepares the product for the laminate flooring installation.

  • Direct Pressure: The direct pressure lamination process comprises of a one stage process to transform the flooring layers into a single cohesive unit by way of binding. The direct pressure laminate flooring which has undergone binding is then dealt with, to build the quality of the core by treating it with melamine resins. The final stage involves the cutting of notches and grooves evenly to finalize the process of laminate flooring