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Survival knives are an awesome tool to be in possession of when one is preparing for a hunting trip. Irrespective of how long the trip would be for, some days or a week, you would definitely be glad that the best outdoor knives are with you. When opting for a knife, you have to consider the layout of the hunting grounds. A machete would be an awesome timesaver in case there is a lot of brush. Carrying some additional pounds in your pack would greatly outweigh any tears or scratches you would incur during scouting through the woods.

As soon as you get to your blind or tree stand, you might be required to clear a few brush out of your way and that is where a nice cum a good serrated blade is needed. This basic design will let you clear little branches growing in the way of your tree-stand or any brush covering your blind. A fixed blade survival knife accompanied with the blade that’s between 6 and 10 inches, works very well. The serrated blade assists in clearing little branches. The serrated edge functions a great deal as well when opening up the rib cage of the deer immediately you lay your hands on the trophy buck that you’ve been hunting for.

Folding blades are awesome, however, a knife has to be dependable when it would be used in skinning an animal, make a cover or clear bush. If you’re in search of a multi-purpose type of knife, the greatest option is a fixed blade that has a rounded tip and a serrated edge. The rounded tip is vital if you would like to use the knife to skin your trophy.

An ideal hunting knife should possess all of the features as pointed out above stated. Of course, there are a few knife manufacturers that throw in a few extras to aid the fellow hunter while he is on his expedition. The best outdoor knives have a built in sharpener as well as a small survival guide in the event that you end up stranded somewhere.