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If you are running a poultry business, you must pluck the feathers of your birds in the most appropriate way because it plays a major role in the number of customers you attract. A lot of customers are always attracted to birds plucked in the best way and done expertly and neatly. Therefore, endeavor to choose the best type of chicken plucker for sale to perform the operations for you. Below are the factors you have to consider in the selection of chicken pluckers;


You have to decide if you want pluckers that are useful only for de-feathering of chickens or the ones that are useful for plucking of other similar birds like geese, ducks, quails etc.?.  This is an essential factor you have to determine before purchasing a chicken plucker for sale. If you want the one useful for plucking feathers of various types, the fingers have to be extra-long, tough and sharp and be of the same length to one another.


The size of the chicken plucker for sale you decide to purchase is dependent on the speed you want the plucking operation to be done. If you are considering buying your chicken one by one, then a small sized pluckers is the ideal one for you. It contains about ten to 12 fingers. But, if you want pluckers that are fast in operation with high accuracy which can pluck up to four chickens in a couple of moments, then go for the bigger plucker. At present, you will get pluckers with numerous numbers of fingers (over 100) to be able to house the birds.


This is an important factor being that there are different ranges of prices. The price can fall between the ranges of about $50 to thousands of dollars. Therefore, have an insight about the price of the plucker and prepare your budget to achieve this aim. Don’t be too over-excited due to the multiple features accompanying super pluckers and over budget. Always select the pluckers that you can afford.