The most amazing thing about France is that this country is a full package of amazing destinations, which lead you from the romance of Paris to the somberness and greatness of the old cathedrals. For sure, France finds herself into the top of the list of the best destinations from Europe and even from the entire world. You, as a tourist, can begin with the Eiffel Tower, the symbol of Paris, and continue by discovering famous masterpieces at Louvre Museum. Then, let yourself lost on the Champs Elysee, the most attractive boulevard in Paris. Don’t miss the Palace of Versailles, and pretend for a day being a royalty.

Our company which is called AnnuaireTourisme Evasion thought that it will be easier for you to make a reminder of the most famous destinations in France, in case you don’t want to miss something important. We hope that our top will inspire and help you in making your holiday the best.

Everybody heard about that the Eiffel Tower is the symbol of the Paris and I’m sure that everybody wants to see it lightning in the night. What you may not know is that the Tower is also called the ‘Iron Lady’ due to its structure of 8,000 metallic pieces. Of course, the top level offers a great view upon the city, and if it’s a clearly day you can see at about 70 kilometers above.

The Louvre Museum from Paris is considered to be an incomparable museum due to its collections of the finest pieces of art. There are over than 30,000 art pieces, so it’s impossible to see them in one single day or even a week. The fact is that you should be focused on the art that you have heard about or on their famous pieces like ‘Mona Lisa’ or ‘Venus Milo’ sculpture.

Nothing compares with the elegance and the greatness of the Palace of Versailles, and if you want to make a trip in the past you should definitely pay a visit to this palace and play the role of a royalty for at least one day. It was a royal residence but its purpose is to show the glory and the richness of the French monarchy. The most famous room of the palace is of course the Hall of Mirrors where in the past the courtiers were waiting for an audience with the king. You should not miss it.

It will seem to be pages from a story when you will visit the Loire Valley. The most impressive castles on this valley are the ones built in the Renaissance style, and the most magnificent one is the Chateau de Chambord while the Chateau de Chambord impresses by its feminist style.

You should not visit France without making a trip in Nice, which is also impressive due to its elegance and to the deep blue water which is making the town a little bit more dramatic. If you are travelling with your kid, you should pay attention to the Marne-la-Valle, the destination of the Disneyland Park in Paris. There are so many families which are visiting it per year since its opening in the 1992s.

If France was not on your holiday’s list, AnnuaireTourisme Evasion hopes that will be in the shortest possible time. Definitely, the best thing about France is that you will always want to come back.