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Image Revive, this is a wonder serum that defies the effects of aging and is especially intended to halt further signs of old age on your skin and also helps in the removal of any unpleasant aging marks like dark circles, crow’s feet, as well as wrinkles and fine lines on your skin.

Apart from its effects of reducing aging marks, Image Revive ensures your skin remains moisturized and hydrated at all times by preventing the loss of water, only a few days on this formula, will make your skin look brilliant and young with no negative effects by virtue of its completely natural and safe components.

What are its components?

Vitamin C: This essential vitamin C helps to greatly improve the texture and fullness of your skin and also brightens your skin by reducing any effects of dark spots, discoloration or tanning. In addition, Vitamin C further enhances the production of collagen in the body resulting in a more firm, flexible and healthy looking skin.

Antioxidant: This agent is widely known to kill the balance the negative impacts of free-radicals, which are atoms that harm skin cells and cause skin irritation. Antioxidants also contribute to the development of new skin cells as well as aid in the recovery and rejuvenation of injured skin cells.

Face-firming peptide: As you grow old, you may notice that your skin loses a degree of fat and gets thinner, thus causing the formation of sag and wrinkles, these effects are mainly due to the reduced levels of elastin and collagen which are hugely responsible for a full, energetic and smooth look. For this reason, the face firming peptide is added to Image Revive to facilitate the production of collagen and elastin, so your skin can regain its flexibility and fullness once again and additionally increases the moisture level of your skin to maintain its softness.

Some things to consider while using Image Revive:

  • Keep it away from the reach of children
  • Keep it in a cool and dry place
  • It cannot be used to treat skin infections
  • To achieve ideal results, only apply according to the instructions
  • Immediately rinse your face if you are allergic or feel itchy