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A true sportsman knows that it’s important he has a quality scope to enhance his hunting experience. Rifle scopes are also utilized in military equipment, and sometimes for trap shooting. Scopes are accessible for crossbows, shotguns, and handguns as well as for rifle. Spotting scopes are also used by various people including golfers, hunters and for birding. The basic function of a scope is to allow the user to see clearly and further than he would with the naked eye. The scope expands the target and its surroundings. Even smaller quality rifles are greatly improved by good rifle scopes.

Let’s start by exploring the basics of rifle scopes. A basic one has an ocular lens, objective lens, and an elevation and windage adjustments. The glass is commonly coated to add to the visibility to reduce glare. The size and magnification of the lenses are additional considerations when acquiring rifle scopes.

The crosshairs on the scope are referred to as reticles. Reticles may also include dots and other settings to provide numerous functions. These help to put the firearm in a place to the target, but, if you are shooting a target that is small with the rifle, the dot in the center of the scope could be too big and actually hide the target.