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This is a Squad dependent strategy game from EA Capital Games for the iOS and Android. You play Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes as a fledgling holo-table user beginning in your journey to understand this highly competitive pastime in the Star Wars universe.

The major gameplay of Galaxy of Heroes is battle-centric, dark and light side instanced stages where you would be competing against either the rebel units or empire in very thematic stages. To scale through a stage, you must go through three varying monster mobs. Galaxy of Heroes will thereafter reward you with either two, three, or one star as you complete the stage without any casualty on the part of your team.


There is a significant divide between which heroes are for the dark or the light side of the force in Galaxy of Heroes. And so far, the game possesses a broad range of heroes you could unlock which came from all of the existing Star Wars movies and the animated TV series Clone Wars.

Typical to several of unit-based games available, you would be able to level up your crew with time, increasing the stats of your characters and increasing their active and passive skills. However, unlike the new style in mobile titles where it’s possible to improve unit level by regularly making use of them, your units would not earn experience as you complete a stage. You would be given experience pods where you will decide, in the midst of battles, which units will get priority when it comes to leveling.

You can improve your unit’s stats by giving them the necessary weapons and accessories as well. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes involves an equipment tiering structure in character expansion by doing so as well. As you complete all the equipment spaces, you could then upgrade to a higher colour (and tier) set of equipment. This way, you could unlock fresh skills both active and passive as you go along too.