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An essential part of a bar is the undercounter ice machine. These Undercounter ice makers are designed in such a way that will make it fit perfectly to the countertops bottom and placing it to avoid obstacles to meet the increasing demand of ice production. The undercounter ice maker is a very important machine which increases the efficiency and effectiveness of the bartenders and servers in the discharge of their duties and is most effective for a growing bars or restaurants.

These super ice machines can be used to produce large volumes of ice (up to hundred pounds) maintaining or keeping it cold, and gives you the exact quantity of product you need. They can either come in two forms which are either the air or water cooled condensers. This will enable you to choose based on the needs and capacity of your restaurant and you can identify them by the various types of ice they form. This includes the full-size cubes, the half size type, regular size type, octagons, nuggets, and flakes.

Having this undercounter ice maker at home will enable you to host your friends and family without the need of buying packaged ice from the markets. Having this equipment in the office will also bring a sort of relief to workers who might need ice for their beverages and other related products. Perfectly designed to fit under the counter or built to fit in the kitchen cabinet, this equipment will give you an ultimate satisfaction.

These equipment comes in different ranges of diameter and length, different rate of production capacity and has the capacity to produce the numerous forms of ice cubes. There are various units of this equipment which are the small-scale undercounter and the large-scale undercounter. The small-scale undercounter ice maker can produce per day between 12-45lbs. of ice while the large-scale units can produce per day over 80lbs. of ice. Most specially designed ice makersare employed in the production of cubed ice but other types are employed in the production of nugget ice, gourmet ice, and clear ice. The diameter of some units is very thin like about 15 inches which is perfect for the replacement of an old trash compactor, while the other types are classified as a standard cabinetry widths. Some undercounter ice makers also come into existence as a result of ADA complaint.