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Many decades ago, men would go hunting for food to survive. Of course, they can’t live without the use of a knife. Nowadays, the use of a survival knife is not only hunting for food but you can as well use it for other ways such as cutting of woods, rubber and more. It is important to know and understand the essence of using a survival knife. This can actually lead you to the top rated survival knives that you can purchase for yourself. Survival can be anything whether you are doing outdoor activities or you are caught in a desperate situation.

To know more about the different top rated survival knives, here are the following.

  1. The tom brown tracker- this type of survival was made with a little background as to why this has been created. This was created due to the fact that the creator couldn’t find a kind of survival knife that will tailor his needs. This tool is actually multipurpose and it is made of carbon steel, with a full tang blade. This actually handy for almost any type of survival need situation. Its edges are perfect for pruning and cutting even with a bone. This also comes with shorter knives just like any other knife that you see in the market.


  1. Fallkniven A1- this comes with an A-series that you can choose. This is laminated with a good VG10 knife blades which is very deadly. So, make sure that if you are handling this type of survival knife, keep yourself and your environment safe as possible. It also has a kraton handle that can grip and its durability is indeed very beneficial.


  1. Green beret knife- are you on a combat training? This is the one of the top rated survival knives for combat. Its quality is perfect for any danger potential situation. The good thing about this knife is that it comes with blades that is made out of serration which is also good for skinning and battoning.


  1. K-bar Becker BK2- having a tough knife that is tougher than the nails is your best option. This is good for hunting season. If you are skilled to perform hunting using this type of survival knife then having to own this survival knife is your best option.


  1. Gurkha kukri- if you think using a machete is too much, this is your other option for your surviving needs. This has a high quality carbon steel that is also easy to sharpen the blades. More so, if you are into longer types of blades this measures about 16inches.


  1. Esee-6- your kind of workhorse knife for survival. This will never disappoint you if you are looking for a top rated survival knives. This can be your all purpose type of knife while you are out and about the wilderness.


Going out for camping, hunting or if you are caught in a situation having to own the top rated survival knives is your option to take responsibility of your welfare. Surviving wouldn’t be that achieving if you are not prepared.