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Before buying a purse, it’s vital to have a mindset that lets you get the appropriate purse due to the fact that it’s appropriate for you. Any designer purse, even a Gucci purse, could break or make your image based on your own personal wardrobe and personality. Price is also not the priority that you should have been buying a fresh purse for your collection.

Although there are a lot of purses that an individual could get that will assist to uplift their individual image, the Gucci purse possesses a huge variety of qualities that might make it appropriate for someone that wants to boost their outward appearance.

The Gucci purse establishment was initially founded in the European country of Italy at a saddlery store in Florence, Italy. The family-owned establishment sold a lot of leather goods and eventually started a luggage shop in Rome that attracted people from other parts of the world. One of the special parts of the Gucci purse happens to be the bamboo handle that was employed on all of their purses to offer it a distinction from the rest.

Later moving to a special monogram logo, a lot of known people like Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn have helped associate the rich and famous in Hollywood with the Gucci brand.

There are so many designs with Gucci Purse and handbags that you’ve got to wonder how they all came up with these designs. Artists understand how these designs came to be, because they have a world of their own. Expressing themselves in various ways is how an artist comes up with designs. Gucci is very much like that and through the decades that they’ve started, they have tapped on various materials that made them what they are today.

What Gucci was before

The Gucci brand that everybody knows of today was first established in 1921 in Florence, Italy by Guccio Gucci. It was solely a leather goods and luggage store and most of its clients were the local aristocrats that love horse-riding. And because they demand so much on riding gear, it has lead the brand in developing their unique Horsebit icon which also gave birth to many other symbols that are of equestrian origin. The owner has developed quite an understanding on how much the horses really meant for the wealthy and the privileged and thus it has inspired the use of the equestrian imagery in so many designs.

At the time when Mussolini was reigning Italy, the expensive materials were very difficult to obtain. Mr. Gucci then used innovative materials on their vintage handbags such as the hemp, jute and canvas in creating the luggage and handbags. These choice of materials are still being used in today’s Gucci designs in creating various clothing, handbags and clothing, all of which are considered luxury items.

In 1994, the Creative Director of the brand was given to Tom Ford. He had his unique artistic tastes which he brought his visions into the Gucci brand. It was the time that the sales of Gucci increased to 90 percent. By the year 1999, Gucci then went into an alliance with the PPR or Pinault-Printemps-Redoute, which is widely known today as Kering. Their alliance has transformed the brand entirely into a multi-brand name. Tom Ford, together with Dominco De Sole formed thereafter the Guccie Group, which is the subsidiary of the brand Kering that also own the Yves Saint Laurent’s primary shares, and also with other luxury brands such as Balenciaga, and Bottega Veneta.

From January 2015, the Creative Director of Gucci is Alessandro Michele. Gucci has then continued to be one of the leading brands of luxury and fashion goods. It is their blend of various materials, unique designs and prints that made the name truly iconic and easily recognized by people, both fan and non-fan of Gucci alike.

Gucci is widely known for their popularly creating styles on a variety of their fabrics. One of the most celebrated and iconic fabrics are the Gucci GG Canvas, which was created in the mid sixties. The design itself easily tells people that it is a Gucci design, seeing the original canvas has the diamond pattern. This fabric is crafted out of durable canvas that was woven and in the later times has joined with the leather trim.